“Good, raw, kind, hilarious people make my soul creative”

I’ve decided to start a new occasional series. From time to time I come across humans who just astound me with their whimsy. They do something a bit off-beat. A bit you’re-not-meant-to-do-that. I’ve noticed there’s usually One Thing that prompted them, or motivates them, or keeps them happy and therefore whimsical. I’m always busting to tap them on the shoulder and ask, “What’s your One Thing”. Now I do here. To kick off…

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Joi Murugavell: My One Thing is to “oodlie”


I came across Joi Murugavell on twitter. Her tweets are eons left-of-centre. But she’s an introvert and she’s found the kookiest way to connect with people I’ve ever seen. An art director by day, she draws pictures of people she “meets” on Twitter at night.

Sarah: So…what’s your One Thing?

Joi: I oodlie.

Sarah: Which would be what when it’s not sounding like a muppet?

Joi: I think of the people that matter to me the most, then write stories for them through “oodlies” [oodles of doodles =oodlies]. I’ve been drawing oodlies since I was 6. I’ve always been an introvert, since I was a baby actually  mum told me this, apparently I’d cry if anyone but her and immediate family picked me up) so I think maybe even back then IRL’s [Joi’s twitterism for In Real Life’s] were just a bit much…  I had this habit of sitting in my room and drawing for hours, things made sense that way. 

Sarah: The One Thing that explains your One Thing?

Joi: Years ago I oodlied to escape as the world seemed so very odd to me. I’ve since grown to be odder than the world I’m in, just happier with myself now and not so confused. Now oodling is more a means to discover  and not so much escape. In the last 2-3 years I’ve met some amazing humans through oodling them.

These humans, I mainly stalk them on twitter, then lure them into email to learn from them. It’s awfully serial killer-like without any killing. And there are so many of them and they are so so amazing. I oodlie now to meet wonderfully beautiful human beings. IT’S PEOPLE THAT ARE MAKING ME  ABSTRACT. I’m an awkward-ish introvert in-person but I’ve found my mode of communication and oh boy does it make me happy.

I stalk people like @jo1foster @indydreaming @nzjayzee @dothewoo (its a long list I’ll stop here as I’m eating mexican beans on rice not the right food for being long winded but basically I stalk people – constantly). Good, evil, raw, kind, hilarious people make my soul creative and is the reason I oodlie. If I stop oodling it would mean the word has run out of good people or even worse, interesting people.

Sarah: Your One Trick that you do that never fails to make your life matter more?

Joi: If I get out of the shower and its a little cold, I laugh (a gigglehaha while doing this slight still in a towel shivery shake move). That one move + a gigglelaugh puts everything in perspective, somehow. I’ve been doing this for years, it makes me happy, instantly.

Sarah: The One Thing you do to care for your creative soul?

Joi: I laugh. It’s because laughter cares for my soul more than anything else, and no one makes me laugh like Larry David!


Sarah: I’m just going to share a few of your twitterisms…is that ok?

Joi: Yep.

* Sending you good vibes and a lovely hammock.

* Awww you need a little cuddle bat I can’t make bats and the electrician is at work so it will have to wait.

* I’m in my brainy smurf tshirt, feeling pretty pretty brainy. Also eating a carrot.

* Sarah do you have an obsession with cleaning your ears?

* Just sang happy birthday to my mum, because there isn’t a bloody mothers day song is there?

* Your skin is so smooth I couldn’t afford you with hair, you have all the holes girls have plus one for air.

* Vulnerability is something people always look for in others. But hells I think for most people if you watch someone stumble a little … you feel closer to them and feel you’re not such a big pussy after all, and you can always just blame it on being human. But it’s so hard… as every damn step of the way we try to hide who we are and what we truly think…

Joi’s oodlies will also be on display at Art Melbourne 2011 in May. Says Joi, “In a huge way my exhibitions this year are about sharing my discoveries/what I’ve learnt from these people online. Each week I interview one of them, then oodlie them. In June I’ll pick one oodlie that represents each person and 10 oodlies will become part of the main exhibition + the interviews. I’ll place their comfort shoes directly below their oodlie. I love the thought of that.”

Anyone else who’s One Thing you’d like to know about? Let me know and  I can… stalk them.

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