Inspired gifts – just a nice idea for a Wednesday…

It’s always someone’s birthday or wedding. And – separate thought – I think it’s always nice to give something that helps others in need. Because, I mean, who needs another Jo Malone candle!?  So I thought I’d share UNICEF’s Inspired Gifts program…where you can buy a bike for your loved one…that goes to someone in Africa!


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Tip: Flag this post so you have a gift idea ready to go (perhaps add it to instapaper…I have a file called “gifts’ filled with ideas).

Basically, you buy a gift for someone that goes to someone else in need. A goat. Or a bike! I do this at Christmas. My family and previous partners have always groaned at first. But then been grateful. We used to wonder how the goat was going, living its little goat life in Namibia or whatever. (I once wrote a “sponsor letter” from the goat and posted it six months later…”thank you for my life, milking time is always fun”…).

Three of my favourite gifts:

  • A Bike! $87. UNICEF has found that in some parts of the world a bike is one of the most important modes of transport for villages. It is particularly helpful for health workers to reach vulnerable children in remote communities. It is often used to transport other Inspired Gifts like the vaccine carrier.
  • Measles vaccines: $31 will protect 100 children from measles.
  • Family water kit: $127

Here’s what others’ gift-giving antics delivered around the world last year:

Picture 113 Inspired gifts - just a nice idea for a Wednesday...



All UNICEF gifts are listed here. Getting married? And don’t really need another toaster or brass goblet set?  Request an Inspired Gift from your wedding guests.

Please do share if you’ve tried something similar…include a link if you can!

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