little announcement

Further to my post during the week – I’m packing up, shedding my stuff…

To this end I’m having a bit of a garage sale thingo, getting rid of books, gifts, beauty stuff, clothes. If you live in Bondi, Sydney, come along.

It will be held outside 15 Penkivil St tomorrow, 8am-12pm (note: parking is crap on this street…ride or walk!?).

The deal is this: you pay what you can afford or what you think it’s worth.

I reckon this is the right way to go. To be honest – I’ve been given A LOT of stuff in my time (from working in magazines and TV)…so I’m happy to pass it along. However, $$$ raised will go to a charity (which I’m still deciding on).

This is all. Because it’s a little announcement. And I’m packing….

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