My oprah necklace giveaway/charity thingo

I asked last week what you thought of giveaways. I loved the feedback – thank you for taking the time to be clear and honest with me about it. It’s a tricky issue. And thank you for the suggestion to tie giveaways in with giving to those in more need than those of us reading this site.

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Since I have no need for the pink diamond necklace Oprah’s team sent recently (the one valued at $450 and handed out during her visit), I thought I’d give it away. Sort of.

In exchange for the necklace you might like to kick in some cash to Australian charity A Start in Life. I sponsor a kid in need for a year and my $$ goes towards helping them with school stuff – uniforms, meals, excursions etc.

It’s about going beyond just uniforms, text books, stationery and basic educational tools. It’s about breakfast before school, having food in their lunch box, good health, being able to join in school activities and excursions and having a bat for cricket or glasses to read.

Every now and then she sends me a little note about how she’s going. It’s similar to the World Vision concept…but local.

photo My oprah necklace giveaway/charity thingo

Anyway, if this charity appeals and you’d love an Oprah necklace…we can work together! To keep things subtle and non-shouty or grubby, email [email protected] if this works for you.

As you were….

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