so, I’ve written a “I quit sugar” ebook…

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…and I thought I’d tell you about it in advance of it’s release in a few weeks. And to give you the chance to sign up to be alerted when it arrives.

Picture 1 so, I've written a "I quit sugar" ebook...

Basically, because so many of you kept asking how I quit sugar eight months ago, I thought it best to put together a bit of a guide.

It’s one of those issues that just grabs at people. I think most of us know we eat too much of the white stuff…and we wish we didn’t…and we wish there was a short-cut, simple way to get on track…that wasn’t too painful. I get stopped at markets, at the bank, on planes, and am asked about how I quit.

It’s an issue that hurts people. I think everyone is very hard on themselves about how much of it they eat. And would like to be freed of the bind, even just for a while.

Anyway, I’ve spent several weeks (months?) writing up answers to everyone’s questions and compiling an 8-week program. I reckon it takes two months to quit, and there are specific steps that I took – after researching all the material – that make it effective and (relatively) smooth.

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And so…the I Quit Sugar ebook

It includes:

* an 8-week program with weekly things to do to get sugar out of your system, and that best beat cravings – both emotional and physical – and detox issues

* an overview of why quitting sugar is a good idea (the scientific explainers that you can hold up to your mates when they think your bonkers for even trying the idea out).

* a bunch of recipes and ideas for snacks – both “sweet” and otherwise

* tips on how to shop and read labels

* non-sugar breakfast ideas

* non-sugar ideas for kids

* a list of herbs and supplements to help you with cravings and withdrawal

* a shopping list of ingredients to have in your pantry ready for cravings and “treat” needs.

In the meantime, a little taste from the beginning of the book….

Picture 21 so, I've written a "I quit sugar" ebook...



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