I love this idea: the plentitude economy

This video from the Center for the New American Dream paints a picture of how I think we all want to live.

Everyone talks about green economies, decluttering, recycling…which are good. To a point. But they’re still focused on consuming and growth. Right?

The. Only. Way. To. Be. Sustainable. Which at the same time is The. Best. Way. To. Live. Happily and Purely is…

To consume and do less.

The video suggests:

  • Reducing work hours – a 4 day work week. The Dutch have done this. It works. My God we need to do the same.
  • DIYing our lives a lot more. This makes us happy, I’ve written about this in Sunday Life.
  • Building communities. I want to investigate this further myself. Which is why I’m thinking of going to Scandinavia this year – to check out how it’s being done over there.

I truly try to live this way.

  • I have a car and it’s not a new “green” one. But I drive it less. I move less. When I do move, I ride. I read a report that says walking to the shops once a week instead of driving reduces one’s footprint more than owning a green car for a year (don’t quote me on the specifics…it was something to this effect…and if anyone knows the study, please share!).
  • I don’t buy more food until my fridge is pretty much empty. This way I get inventive and cook what I’ve got – no wastage, less trips to the shops, less things to store.
  • I replace my undies when I’m down to 5-6 pairs. Not going to the shops makes us happier.
  • I don’t buy beverages in bottles. You can read my thoughts on bottled water before.
  • I replace something only when it’s broken – I don’t keep spares or just-in-cases. Less clutter makes us happier. Less things to sort and tidy.

What do you do to consume and do less?

Also, anyone have thoughts on great places to explore in Scandinavia? Any Scandi readers out there with tips on great towns/projects to see, people to meet?








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