who’s joining me on Febfast this year? (a great IQS thing to do*)

If you’re currently quitting sugar* – or if you’re not, but would like to do SOMETHING to get your health back on flowing tracks – you’ll like this poke up the bum I’m about to give you:

join me in ditching alcohol in February

Yes, just one month. Actually, 29 days this year. Which is exactly enough time for your liver to regrouprefocus, that bloating to go, your skin to clear and your focus to get sharp.


Picture 4 who's joining me on Febfast this year? (a great IQS thing to do*)
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For the past few years I’ve done FebFast. I’m now the patron of the national charity, which challenges people to send their grog on a holiday to raise money to help young Australians overcome alcohol, drug and mental health problems.  Find out more here.

My job as patron is to get you on board to abstain from drinking for the month. For your health. For your esteem. For your wallet. For the good of our community. For making a difference.

If you’re keen to join my team, and quit booze, click the button below.

FebFast button who's joining me on Febfast this year? (a great IQS thing to do*)Type in “sarahw” as the password.

Then you’ll need to contact all your mates to sponsor you. For the past three years Team Sarah Wilson has topped the fundraising ladder (and already we’re perched up there!).

Or you can choose to just sponsor me, here.

Just kick in what you can afford.

If you’re currently on the see-saw of ‘should I/shouldn’t I’, let’s see if this helps:

  • Eliminating alcohol from your diet is a quick way to lose weight. One beer is the caloric equivalent of a meat pie. Two glasses of champagne is one fifth of your recommended energy intake for a day. Ouch!
  • If you have an autoimmune disease, or any health concerns, alcohol makes things way worse. It’s highly acidic stuff, and disease can only be cured when we alkalise our systems. Less acid and we heal faster. Having a month out will really give your body a chance to heal.
  • I believe in rest. Pausing. We go so fast, so hard, we get stuck in ruts. To pause, to take time out from anything gives our bodies and psyches a chance to recalibrate. Breaking a drinking habit (however strong or weak) refreshes…so that when you have your first drink in March, you choose it and you enjoy it and things feel new.
  • Just doing something different, seeing what you’re capable of when you don’t revert to a “drink after work” or a “night at the pub” is special. It gets you creative, alive to yourself and your friends and partner.

* And if you’re quitting sugar: Wine, spirits, champagne and beer ARE low in fructose (it’s the sugars that ferment to become alcohol). However, the toll on your liver is HEAVY and while you’re detoxing sugar, it’s VERY much worth assisting your liver as much as possible.

Also, some research shows the metabolism of ethanol (fermented sugar) is much the same as the metabolism of fructose…that fermented or otherwise it causes the same damage.

Join my team or sponsor me here:

I’d love for all you health practitioners and experts to join too… FebFast are always after new voices to use for promotion and media opportunities. Post your names and URLs in the comments below!


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