friday giveaway: 10 copies of the luscious “Supercharged Food” cookbook by Lee Holmes

It’s Friday. It’s summer. Everyone seems to be on some sort of healthy switch-about. So a fitting giveaway! This week I’m giving away…

10 copies of ‘Supercharged Food’

SuperCharged Icecream friday giveaway: 10 copies of the luscious "Supercharged Food" cookbook by Lee Holmes
From Lee’s book: sugarfree coconut icecream! See recipe below.

Regular readers will have caught previous posts about Lee Holmes‘ cooking. Lee has an autoimmune disease and has healed herself through diet and her new book – Supercharged Food – includes 90 recipes that don’t contain gluten, wheat, sugar, yeast or dairy. Seriously, this cookbook is the most perfect little package of whole food eating ideas. Honestly, as sound as it comes. Which is why I put my name to a blurb of endorsement on the cover.

Anyway, a lot of you got as frothy over it as I did, so Lee and the good folk at Murdoch Books have generously offered to give away some copies to regular readers here.

9781742663159 300 friday giveaway: 10 copies of the luscious "Supercharged Food" cookbook by Lee HolmesTo be in the running for a copy of the book, you’ll simply need to do the following:

* Go to my new! I Quit Sugar Facebook page (“like” it) and then share a sugarfree eating tip you’ve been playing with. Or a factoid you’ve come across. No rush: just like ‘n’ post by Friday 13 January.

* We will randomly select ten people, and a copy of Supercharged Food will be on it’s way to you.

* For anyone too impatient to wait: Lee’s book is available from her website. Lee is a regular columnist for Wellbeing magazine, and a writer for Miranda Kerr’s Kora Organics blog. Check out her website and blog.


But to that ice cream recipe…

dairy free coconut ice cream

  • 500ml cold homemade Almond Milk*
  • 80g almond pulp (left over from making the almond milk)
  • 2 teaspoons powdered gelatine
  • 4 organic egg yolks
  • 400ml tin coconut cream
  • 30g coconut flakes
  • 12 drops liquid stevia
  • 2 teaspoons natural vanilla extract

For a creamier ice cream, add two more egg yolks. (Serves 4–6)

Pour the almond milk into a small saucepan and sprinkle the gelatine over the surface. Leave for a few minutes while the gelatine softens.

Put the saucepan over low heat and stir the mixture until the milk has heated and the gelatine has dissolved. Remove from the heat and place the saucepan in a sink of iced water so that the milk can cool to room temperature.

Put the egg yolks in a blender and process until pale, about 1 minute. Add the coconut cream, almond pulp, coconut flakes, stevia, vanilla and a pinch of sea salt and process until well combined. Add the gelatine milk and blend for  a few more seconds.

Place in the fridge and leave to chill. Pour the cold mixture into an ice-cream maker and churn following the manufacturer’s instructions. If you don’t have an ice-cream maker, pour the mixture into an ice-cream container and place in the freezer.

After 11/2 hours, mix it up with a stick blender or fork, then return it to the freezer for an hour. Blend the mixture again to break up the ice crystals, as these make the ice cream more icy than creamy. Freeze until required.

The ice cream can be stored in the freezer for up to  2 weeks. It will be quite hard when it comes out of  the freezer, so leave it at room temperature to soften  for 15 minutes before serving.

To be truly decadent, serve the ice cream garnished with toasted coconut flakes, mint leaves and a cinnamon stick!

* Lee shares how to make almond milk in her book. In a nutshell: blend 3 cups of water that’s been boiled and slightly cooled with 1 cup of blanched or soaked almonds until smooth; sieve, keeping the pulp; refrigerate.


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