friday giveaway: The Muesli packs (sugar free!), valued at $20

Happy Friday! To continue our summer Friday giveaways, I have a pretty special offer this week, particularly for everyone quitting sugar at the moment:

60 x 450g bags of The Muesli

This stuff is the best of the no-added sugar muesli on the market that I could find and I mention it in I Quit Sugar. The only sugar in the muesli is from the 5 nuts, 4 seeds, oats & coconut (hoorah! fructose-free!). Fitness nut, mum and TV producer Emma invented the range after chatting with her friend, celeb trainer Donna Aston, about the dire state of breakfast options for people wanting to be fructose-free and get real results from their diet. A very sound philosophy! You can buy direct online or at many health food shops and cafes. And PS, they have a gluten-free version as well and are running a 2-for-1 offer right now.

Picture 116 friday giveaway: The Muesli packs (sugar free!), valued at $20


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* Sadly this offer is only available to Australian residents!



things to try with the muesli

I get more questions about breakfast ideas than just about anything else on this blog…so here’s some stuff to do with The Muesli…


Combine the muesli with 1-2 dstsp natural yoghurt, a splash of milk, and a small handful of frozen berries, or cut or grated fresh fruit. Stir and let sit for 15 minutes (or leave overnight if you like it really bircher’d up)

the roughie™

Combine a handful of fresh or frozen fruit (frozen raspberries and blueberries recommended), with 3 dstsp the muesli, 1-2 dstsp natural yoghurt, half a cup of milk and a couple of ice cubes. Mix with a hand blender in a tall jug and serve. More satisfying than a smoothie!

protein kick

For a super protein-rich breakfast, add 1 dstsp (20g) of good quality Whey Protein Isolate to the muesli – straight-up, bircher-style or the roughie.

blinis – a savoury treat

Use a food processor to grind a cup of the muesli to a course flour like consistency.  Combine with a cup of Greek yoghurt and 2 eggs, a little salt & pepper for delicious blinis drop a teaspoon of batter onto non stick pan until small bubbles appear, turn to briefly cook other side. Perfect served with smoked trout and a dob of horseradish as a party nibble.

Reminder: We will only be able to send the muesli to Australian residents. Good luck!

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