how to heal autoimmune disease: the SCENAR machine

I’m on a mission to find the most nurturing techniques for healing autoimmune disease conditions. As I keep saying: anyone who doesn’t have an AI will find these posts just as helpful because they’re all about moving towards maximum wellness. As in, effortless, kind, bountiful wellness. This post I’m sharing the sweet joys that are the SCENAR.

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Photo by Gabriele Rigon

I first encountered the SCENAR via James Korber of Straighten Up. He’d treated me with the Atlas correction technique and at the end of the session pulled out this funny little device, about the size of a TV remote, and started running it up and down my neck.

Oh my.

I can’t begin to tell you the effect this contraption can have. Instantly. After borrowing James’ (and getting some little tutorials from him…if you’re in Byron, Newcastle or Sydney, he does SCENAR treatments in your home) I got my own. I apply it to painful, inflamed parts of my body, it zaps its thing and I get relief.

I’m guessing you need some more info…yes?


What is this thing you speak of?

SCENAR is an acronym for ‘Self Controlled Energo-Neuro Adaptive Regulator’. It’s an electro- bio-controlled device initially developed for astronauts for managing pain and overall health while in space. It uses a harmless (unless you get a little bit addicted to the pain, as I do) electric impulse that stimulates the body’s own adaptive mechanisms, via a biofeedback process. The effect of SCENAR is based on electric impulses of a specific shape – patterned from natural nervous discharges in the human body. Former USSR nations have approved the SCENAR on the national health care system and the US FDA acknowledges the technology as a viable method of pain management. Here in Australia some health funds also recognise it.

How does it work…the science?

Stimulating nerve endings within the skin at particular points effect changes in internal organs. Ergo, acupuncture. Ditto, stimulating points on the skin via electric impulses.

This from my research:

The SCENAR sends an impulse through the skin tissue, and measures the time reaction of tissue (SCENAR measures all tissues, not only skin) to that pulse and modifies the pulse in order to create a tendency toward what might best be called a ‘healing pattern’. In other words, the designers of the SCENAR have identified a particular response pattern that tends to be associated with a general ‘healing’ event in tissue. It  ‘nudges’ the response of the tissue in that general direction. It uses a biofeedback loop to do it, constantly comparing the response with the desired pattern until they match.

In essence, it informs the tissue when its response is heading in the right (or wrong) direction.

And some more:

Screen Shot 2012 01 31 at 12.15.19 PM how to heal autoimmune disease: the SCENAR machineWhat does it heal?

The SCENAR assists with a number of conditions:

  • Pain, inflammation relief
  • Low energy or vitality in the body, meaning a lack of intrinsic healing resources
  • Lack of, or a disruption to the communication (energy – information) systems in the body, meaning that messages cannot reach their ‘target’
  • Lack of response from the nervous, endocrine and immune systems
  • Low priority to the injury, meaning the body’s healing resources are directed elsewhere
  • Assists with deep sleep
  • Range of motion increases due to muscular relaxation
  • Microcirculation is increased
  • Feeling of well-being, lightness, relaxed.

What about auto immune issues?

One of the odd (and there are many) side effects of hashimotos is carpal tunnel. It drives me just a little bit mental. The left side of my neck jams, blocking a nerve that runs down my left arm leaving it numb and tingly. I have to visit chiros and acupuncturists and…the rest…just to unjam things. But. Now. I sit with the SCENAR on it for about five minutes and it releases the tension and over the next few hours everything releases.

You can also do this thing where you link it up to two pads – one sits under your bum (to earth it) the other on the side of a metal pot of water. I put my hand in the water and turn the device on…the current passes into my hand and works it’s way up. My arm flickers and jumps as the current works its way up, releasing and healing. After about ten minutes it’s done it’s thing and I can actually move my arm and hand and neck again.

I also apply it to my legs and hands when the inflammation from lymphatic blockages flares up. It soothes and brings down the swelling and gets things flowing again.

It can be hooked up to two feet pads. When I’m typing I put a pad under each foot, turn the device on and it gently sends a current up my legs. Great for thyroidy days when being at a computer hurts.

I also apply it to my face, around my eye where I have Graves disease damage (when I’m tired it flares up). It also heals this (by which I mean, it seems to relax the muscles and swelling and bring my eye back to normal).

How does it heal so well?

When there is trauma to any area in the body the response from the nervous, endocrine and immune systems is to release neuropeptides appropriate to the injury and initiate pain reduction and the healing process. This is what generally happens when the body is healthy.

Neuropeptides regulate almost all life processes on the cellular level, thus linking together all body systems. They have been referred to as the body’s internal pharmacy, the ‘key in the lock’ that causes the cascading, chain reaction effect, creating an holistic body response.

But sometimes the body’s healing process is slow, or incomplete, and if the body is unable to effect healing it may isolate or disconnect from the dysfunctional area and not apply any more healing to it.

The SCENAR claims to

‘awaken’ the endocrine and immune systems

Communication in the body is restored, and messages can be sent to reinitiate the healing process.

The brain, given that it is now receiving messages clearly, can instruct the nervous system to release neuropeptides to initiate the healing process.

How does it feel?

Um, like an electric current. Tingly and buzzy. When you hit a “stuck” or problematic area, the device “sticks” and also beeps. You stroke or hold it on this spot and gradually that area releases. On the problematic bits, it can hurt, but in a good way…like little needles firing into the muscle or ligament. On big muscles that are tense (ie that big one that runs from the side of the neck across the shoulder) it will literally “grab” it, lift it an inch and then “dump” it. This process is friggen addictive fun. It’s like having a masseur grab and release your tense shoulders with big fists.

When applied to the face, again it “grabs” and releases, like someone pinching your face. The sensation is…I know no other way to put it….orgasmic.

I’ve taken it to dinner parties and passed it around. It stops all conversation as people groan in “happy pain” if you know what I mean.

I don’t often bang on so enthusiastically about something. So I hope you take my fervour in this instance as genuine.

How to experience one

You can contact RITMSCENAR here. They are the Asia-Pacific branch of all things SCENAR on this side of the globe.

James can be contacted here.

You can buy your own SCENAR here.

Or, if you’d like to see a professional SCENAR practitioner in Australia or New Zealand, simply click on either country for a full listing.

Have you tried a SCENAR? Anything we should know?


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