If you missed my I Quit Sugar webinar…

On Monday night I did my first I Quit Sugar webinar, which was oddly fun given there I was in a hotel room talking to a pinhole in my laptop screen (when I remembered to)….

tumblr lyl4v3KPAI1qd953ro1 500 large If you missed my I Quit Sugar webinar...
image via lavoile tumblr

Over 200 viewers live, plenty of questions… and plenty who watched later on…

I answered:

* Are lemons OK?
* Why some people lose weight and others don’t when they quit sugar (there is a reason!)

* What are some portable snacks that aren’t veggie sticks and nuts

* What exercise do I do

* Plus more…

I know many of you asked via twitter and facebook whether you could find the video later if you couldn’t watch live. Here she is: on my Ustream page. I’ve also posted it on facebook, and you can watch it here.

I’ll be doing another one shortly.

In the meantime, if you have any more IQS questions for next week, please add them in the comments section here.




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