Your chance to tell *me* what *you* want

Sometimes you go and go and go. And then you stop and look up and think, I need to stand back and check in with other humans. See where everyone’s at.

montrose menagerie lamb Your chance to tell *me* what *you* want
Image by Sharon Montrose

Today it’s time to check in. Turn around. See if everyone’s looking in the same direction as I am.

So. Are we?

I write blogs because, well, I just started. And I liked the connection and sharing. And so I kept going.

But, can I ask, is there anything in particular you’d like me to be sharing more?

Two questions:

What do you like to read here and what would you like to see more of on this blog?

What questions do you have that you’d like answered or explored?

It can be random or broad, personal or something you’ve noticed the people you meet when you’re walking in the street are frothing about…or… feel free to tell me what’s really shitting you about this site.

Many thanks for your care and time in advance! As you were…

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