An announcement: I Quit Sugar now on ipad, kindle + nook!

I have news. And it’s all good. My I Quit Sugar ebook has been rebooted, rejiggled and fandangled into formats that are gloriously designed for all e-readers.

article 0 11F314A5000005DC An announcement: I Quit Sugar now on ipad, kindle + nook!
gobble it up!

Perhaps you’ve put off buying the my ebook I Quit Sugar because you have an eReader and only like buying eReader-ready books?


if you’ve got an IPad, Kindle, Nook, Sony Reader…


I’ve formatted my ebook I Quit Sugar. Afresh. For you.

What’s this mean?

* I Quit Sugar is still just $15 BUT now you get all formats

Including the original PDF version. They’ll all arrive in your download for the same price.

* If you’ve already bought the PDF version…

I’m giving you the other formats now…FOR FREE. Look out for an email in your inbox explaining how to go about this.

* The new version is a little updated + different

Just a few updates and an extra recipe or two. And minus a few pictures and pretty fonts. This is simply because this is how e-reader formats work. You simply can’t get the same design elements to translate. Just so you know (see below for more help on this, if you’re thinking of designing your own ebook).

* What to do next?

Just click below to get your copy. Or follow the instructions in the email, if you’re a previous purchaser.

 iqs button An announcement: I Quit Sugar now on ipad, kindle + nook!


A few comments on the book:

In case you’re still wondering whether it’s a book you want to invest in, here’s what a few people have shared with me. You might also want to take a scroll here and here for some comments and feedback, just to be sure it’s what you’re looking for.

Matt:thank you for this brilliant program. I’ve lost 11kgs to date, now am at a perfect weight for my height and eat as ‘much’ (quantity-wise) as I used to but am now eating the right things. I’m bouncy, have clear, glowing skin and am just generally enjoying life without the lethargic, dark cloud that was sugar hanging over me constantly. Back to acting how a young guy should be acting, really. The whole experience has just been incredible. I started at 98kg in November last year, am now at 87kg as of this morning. Living this experiment has just opened me up to a whole new way of living life.

Stella:this sugar-free journey is going great guns for me. I’ve been sugar free for ten weeks now, and I’m loving that I feel much less puffy and bloated, much less moody and much clearer in my head! Thank you!

Jon: I attribute my current ‘condition’ to you Sarah. Over the last 12 months, I have lost 20kg, my skin has cleared up, I’m now off blood pressure medication, I’ve ‘cured’ my own depression and am off meds for that as well, not to mention a myriad other benefits.

sarah book An announcement: I Quit Sugar now on ipad, kindle + nook!

Some other questions, duly answered:

What’s the book about again? Who’s it for?

It’s an 8-week program that I designed for getting off the sugar rollercoaster for good. I experimented with countless techniques and theories until I found the path that worked best, and that retrained the body’s chemistry in a kind, gentle and non-draconian way.

The program is for people just like I was: hate diets; sick of trying so hard; can’t figure out why they have highs and lows, get desperate for chocolate in the afternoon and can’t shift excess kilos.

It’s perfectly safe and doesn’t involve any annoying, tedious plans. It’s not faddish. You simply don’t eat sugar. The main premise of my program is that you don’t deny yourself. In fact, the program will teach you to indulge and nourish with foods you’d previously put on a “not allowed” list.

Remind me, does it mean eating no fruit?

Yep, at first. Later you can reintroduce whole fruit. Fruit juice is never to be touched again. The stuff contains as much sugar as soft drink…about 10-12 teaspoons per glass.

Remind me, will I lose weight?

Yep. I’m betting you will. Some people lose it two weeks in. Others can take 12 weeks. But if you’re carrying excess kaygees, this will shift it.

Does it work?

It did for me and has done for thousands of people around the world so far. It’s merely an 8-week experiment that I’m proposing. Try it for yourself.

Here’s what some experts have said:

wj53rsob3 An announcement: I Quit Sugar now on ipad, kindle + nook!“I Quit Sugar is a wonderful, concise workbook. Sarah Wilson breaks things down in easy to assimilate bite-sized pieces and leaves anyone reading it with the feeling she is right there holding your hand, as someone who themselves has been there and understands. Sarah herself is a walking advertisement of her own accomplishments and quitting sugar, with Sarah Wilson’s help, is the best first step toward total physical and

mental health anyone can take..” Nora Gedgaudas, CNS, CNT, author of Primal Body, Primal MInd: Beyond the Paleo Diet for Total Health and A Longer Life

dan1 An announcement: I Quit Sugar now on ipad, kindle + nook!“Excellent book! The world’s longest-lived people traditionally consumed a fraction of the refined sugar that we do. Ms. Wilson offers us a lively, well-researched and engaging way for us all to curb the sugar habit and in so doing, offering another potential key for living longer.” Dan Buettner, New York Times Best-selling author of Blue Zones: Lessons for Living Longer from People Who’ve Lived the Longest


Does this affect the affiliates program?

Nope. And while we’re talking about it, if you’d like to become an affiliate and make $6 on every copy of I Quit Sugar, click here for details. Not a bad way to earn $ on your blog.

iqs button An announcement: I Quit Sugar now on ipad, kindle + nook!


Are you thinking of writing an ebook?

I’ve been asked by a lot of people how I made my eBook. It was very much an experiment and I had to learn the hard way. In making this new eReader formatted version I worked with eBookIt. They take your words and pictures and do everything else for you, explaining the crazy logic of this new world to you as you go along (if you want such explanations). I can very much recommend them. Click here to get more information.

Any other questions? Feel free to post below…

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