some very clever sugar-free snacks (2 ingredients or less)

Some might not call this cooking. Some, of course, might.

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Regardless, I do like to challenge myself to prepare food with the least number of steps and ingredients as possible, and using everyday things around the supermarket aisle. Life is smoother with less. And with ingenuity.

I thought these might inspire you to come up with your own. In the spirit of simplicity, I’ve reduced the instructions to a haiku poem (remember these are the haiku rules: three lines of up to 17 syllables and use of a season word). Feel free to supply yours below…

1. Cheesy poppadums

* poppadums

* Parmesan cheese, grated

A chickpea ‘dum

cheese flutters like snow flakes

hit microwave for twenty

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2. Seaweed snacks

* Seaweed snack, found in most Asian grocers

Not much more to say

open, eat

for sesame oily sunshine rays

3. hot berry slush

* 1/2 cup frozen mixed berries

* a sprinkle of stevia powder (Natvia)

In a pot blend two

like Autumnal peat and heath

simmer, simmer, simmer

4. toasty water chestnuts

* a tin of water chestnuts (about $1 in most supermarkets, in the Asian food aisles)

* coconut oil or sesame oil (depending on the flavour you’re after)

Drain first, heat next

a golden hue

like summer sun on inside thigh

Please do add any ingenious, 2-ingredients or less ideas you might have…

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