chatting wing women with Agony Aunts

Have you caught Agony Aunts on ABC yet (Wednesdays 9.30pm…or iview if you missed the first ep). It’s a lovely show.


The producer Adam Zwar(he made Wilfred) and I met about 10 years ago when we both wrote a relationship-ish column in the Sunday Herald Sun. Funny to come full circle. He’s an ace guy with a delicate touch. The series Agony Uncles was friggen amazing. The guy really knows how to drill down into hearts to get intimate answers.

I thought I’d share this “outtake” about wing women. I’m sharing it, in part, because it’s an interesting example of how CRAP I can look (despite having profressional makeup on) when my thyroid is playing up. I know there are a lot of images of me out there looking all fancy and shiny and GOOD. But how about I balance things out a little!

Yes. This is what happens on a thyroidy day: my face puffs up, my eyes go wonky, I get strained, my skin sends makeup funny shades (um, oompah-loompah woman!) and I develop a lisp.

But don’t let that put you off watching the series…ep 2 is this Wednesday night.

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