*I Quit Sugar* was featured on 60 minutes

So, last night Sarah was on 60 Minutes…

The crew came and filmed her in Byron Bay a while back. She hasn’t actually seen the segment because she’s on holiday.

I thought I’d share the segment, in case you missed it last night, and because sooooo many people have been asking across the blog, facebook, twitter etc. (And so that Sarah can catch up on it when she’s back on line!)

She was worried she was going to come across as a”Pollyanna tosser” (her words). I may be completely biased, but I think that couldn’t be further from the truth… Sarah spoke eloquently – “sugar is a hidden, insideous and seductive danger” – the famous green shorts made the final cut, and she even surfed (in a wetsuit from Tallow Gallery for those who have been asking) on national tv!

Jo x



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