in case you haven’t quit sugar yet…

I’m on 60 Minutes this Sunday night chatting about my journey to quit sugar. If you want to read more about it, click here.

L1030370 in case you haven't quit sugar yet...
Filming with Ally Langdon at the Byron Beach Cafe
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A few ‘behind the scenes’ pics of the filming…

L1030349 in case you haven't quit sugar yet...
off for an early evening surf, with a camera on my surfboard too!
L1030356 in case you haven't quit sugar yet...
Post surf, with Ally

In the 60 Minutes feature, I refer to the feedback I get from the 30 000 (and growing) people who’ve done my 8-week Program. It’s so very humbling. And I say this in the most non-motherhood statement way I can. It’s also steered my career in this arena. And kept me RESPONSIBLE and COMMITTED.

I thought I might also share some of the stories I’ve received. Many, many people have lost a lot of weight doing this program, and healed a host of health issues.

But a word of caution: I think it’s great so many people have been able to quit their cholesterol and diabetes (and other) medications from cutting sugar out (and, yes, it is possible, and in a matter of weeks or months). But I do not advocate doing so without absolute guidance and support from your doctor. My advice is this: after being off sugar for a good 2-3 months, ask your doctor if you can get some blood tests and have your medication reassessed. Cool?

Matt says:  Sarah, thank you for this brilliant program. I’ve lost 11kgs to date, now am at a perfect weight for my height and eat as ‘much’ (quantity-wise) as I used to but am now eating the right things. I’m bouncy, have clear, glowing skin and am just generally enjoying life without the lethargic, dark cloud that was sugar hanging over me constantly. The whole experience has just been incredible.

Liz: SO! In the last couple of months…I have eaten full fat everything, heaps of cheese, eggs, meat etc.., I always eat veggies and do sneak in a bit of sugar. Just got my cholesterol done…and its 3.4!!! My lowest ever and all other bloods are in order. So going back to good ol’ fashioned food- works!

Jon: Sarah, over the last 12 months, I have lost 20kg, my skin has cleared up, I’m now off blood pressure medication, I’ve ‘cured’ my own depression and off meds for that as well, not to mention a myriad of other benefits.

Simone: After being told I had rheumatoid arthritis, and gobbling anti-inflammatory medication on a daily basis, I decided to quit sugar. The medication has become a thing of the past! Thank you Sarah for helping us become healthier versions of ourselves!

Mary: What a blessing this book is…I have well and truly taken my health into my own hands… I have finally bitten the bullet so to speak, and after joining Sarah’s site, doing some online research, I have come to my own conclusions. With some modifications to diet, I can truly say that I have felt better than I have in such a long while.  With Sarah’s help and this book to look forward to, life is just GREAT…!  Thank you!

April and Julia:  Thanks so much for writing your book.  It helped me so much to see why “moderation” wasn’t working for me. My daughter, Julia, who is 17, read your book aloud to me in her best Aussie accent.  It was fun!  We decided to quit all sugar for Lent.  We are doing it 100%!!!!  This is the first time ever I had been able to quit sugar!  One thing that really helped was the information about what counts as sugar.  It wouldn’t have worked for me unless I knew to give up everything:  agave, honey, etc etc.  we even gave up fruit at first.

Alicia: Have read the book and have nothing but praise and gratitude. It is written in such an easy to follow and read format and I love the whole approach. I am a personal trainer with a strong interest in nutrition and I will be mentioning this book to anyone interested for sure.

Nicole: I started on IQS the day after my 30th birthday last October. Not only have I lost weight, I no longer have the anger issues, depression/mood swings, joint pain. I can’t believe something so ‘simple’ made such a difference in my life!

Vikki: It was an absolute revelation to me, quitting sugar. I’ve felt the benefits: not needing more than 7 hours sleep, being alert ALL day without an afternoon slump, losing brain fog… Thank you!

If you’re looking for the I Quit Sugar: 8-week program, simply click on the button below.

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If you’re after the I Quit Sugar Cookbook, simply click on this button below.

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