my green cheesy mish mash soup. with a video!

I’ve posted a few of my recipes with videos lately. If you’re new to this neighbourhood, you might like to check out my avocado and coconut water popsicles, and my bacon and egg cupcakes.

But today, we’re going to whip up my green cheesy mish mash soup. From my I Quit Sugar Cookbook.


This is a recipe you can make using a normal soup-making method (that is, fry up ingredients, add stock, and then puree). But just as I was putting together my I Quit Sugar Cookbook, I was introduced to the Tefal Soup & Co soup maker. I had a play with it as I was testing my recipes and found it made my stupidly simple and efficient recipes even more so. So, in this video, I show how you can make it with this soup maker. It basically takes one step (after putting all ingredients in the soup maker, press a button and 30 minutes later it’s cooked AND blended for you…seriously!).

This soup recipe, by the way, is deceptively tasty. It’s so good with the cheese, but I also cook it without. It’s my Meal For When I Need a Serious Injection of Goodness.

If you haven’t bought the cookbook yet, you can get hold of it by clicking on the button below.

gb11 my green cheesy mish mash soup. with a video!

And if you’d like to find out more about the Soup & Co, and try some of their recipes, have a browse here.

Have you tried this soup yet? How’d it go?

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