what I pack to travel…15kg and I’m outta here

I’ve been asked too many times to share how I pack to travel to not document things as I packed for this trip. And, between you and I, I’m glad there are others out there who get odd satisfaction from discussing this kind of stuff.

what I pack to travel...15kg and I'm outta here

(Of course, by the time you read this, I’ll have departed overseas. The magic of WordPress scheduling!)

As a rule, I travel carry-on. I can survive with one small case for up to two weeks. But this time I’ll be away a few months, and I’ll be in different climates, so I have to get a bit indulgent.  That said, my aim is to keep things under 15kg. Why? I can only say I’m ludicrously obsessed with streamlining my life and travelling light. My mates have responded to all this by saying, “Oh, it’s better to buy it over there”. Hmph, I respond. I probably won’t even do much of that. I just find stuff so heavy….

Some basic principles

These are some of the tricks entailed in my light travelling, especially when travelling carry-on:

* wear all your heavy, bulky gear on the plane (boots, jacket, jeans)

* pack thin layers (wool and silk is best)

* pack a cardigan that can double as a scarf

* streamline your beauty case. I use Jojoba oil for cleansing, face cream and body cream, for instance. I also drop into department stores and ask for “testers” of my favourite face scrub.

* for medications, count out exactly what you’ll need and pop in a zip-lock. I wrap my “refrigerate only” ones (eg Thyroxin) in aluminum foil.

* I also carry my green powders when I travel (see my tips for travelling healthily) and scoop out the exact amount I’ll need into a zip-lock.

* get yourself a pair of walking/running/gym shoes that are presentable enough as a day shoe as well. And then stuff your undies/tees etc in them when packing.

* for fancy/special occasions – have a dress or two made of silk that can easily smooth out when you hang it out in a hot steamy shower.

For this trip

Jo shot this as I was getting ready to go. Excuse the franticness. But Jo’s panning work is sublime.

A few things to note:

* The shoes are F-lites. I bought them from barefootinc. And consider this a genuine endorsement.

* The bikini is from miskini.

* The hat was a gift from Paul at Artpark.

* I take Maharishi Vatta teabags on the plane.

* The bag came to 14.8kg!!

See you soon xx


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