good morning. I’d like to give you $6

In other words, I’d love to give you the opportunity to make money by selling my I Quit Sugar Cookbook on your blog.

SARAHCOVER 473 good morning. I'd like to give you $6
preparing kale, in a top from Spell Designs - photography by Marija Ivkovic

Perhaps you’re a blogger with the same wellness outlook as me? And you’ve bought my I Quit Sugar Cookbook? Perhaps you’re fired up about recommending it to your readers?

If so, you might just like to join my affiliates program

I’d like to offer you 30% commission on every sale!

If you want to know more about how to become an affiliate, and get some more background guff on what an affiliate program actually is, click here.

If you know how this works and want to jump straight to it, you can apply for the ejunkie code hereYou will, however, need to have bought the book first.

Hope that’s all clear! And good luck spreading the message.

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