perhaps you’d like to get some cute business cards like these ones?

I know business cards are very 2005. But I’m still amazed how many people ask me for one. And how many people still want to fax me something. And how many people use the word “stet” when they suggest I make a copy of something. A copy??!! To file. Who files??!!!

But. To my business cards.

card2 perhaps you'd like to get some cute business cards like these ones?

I thought you’d like to know how I got these done. I get asked all the time because they’re just a little bit cute.

In a link, I use

I’ve used Moo for a few years now. It works thus: you design your own cards in a few clicks. You press “done”.  They’re posted to you in a neat little box.

They’re ace for anyone who just needs a bit of hard copy on which their deets can be shared in the old-school mano-a-mano manner. But who also wants something a bit unique and non-corporate.

I get clever and opt for the mini cards. And hunt down some cool illustrators (you can choose from their list). If I had more time, I’d illo my own. You can also use your own photos. And even have a different photo on every single card. They have great stock images for caterers, gardeners, creative writers etc. Go have a play on their site.

I get 100 at a time. They’re super cheap, like $16 for the lot.

I won’t say more. To see how it works, in visuals, check this out:

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Anyway, thought you’d like the pointer…


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