have soft eyes

This is a technique I use when I’m anxious. I soften my eyes. That’s it. Calm descends.

If I’m particularly anxious, I shut my eyes and then I smile slightly, but with my eyes. My eyeballs go soft and the softness oozes all over.  I also do it when I meditate, on those days when I’m “forcing” my way through life, including through my meditation.

by melanie rodriguez have soft eyes
image via 19 fragments

It’s the simplest of techniques. But it transforms my nervous system in an instant. And in that same instant it makes everything seem stupidly simple and sublimely OK. Because everything is, you know!

Why is this so? I read in Psychology Today recently about a bunch of studies that explain things a little. Perhaps you’re interested to know?

* Research found that furrowing the brow increased feelings of anger and disgust in the subjects, and made them less happy, less agreeable and less interested.

* Another study from Germany asked subjects to furrow their brow while looking at pictures of famous people and rate how famous they were. When subjects’ brows were furrowed they were less impressed by the fame of the celebrity, and judged them to be less famous. (Not such a bad thing?)

* Spurious approach, but…more research says women who have botox tend to get fewer feelings of anxiety. Simply because they can’t create the facial expressions associated with anxiety.

Try soft eyes. Try softening. Try forcing less. xx


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