I’m publishing I Quit Sugar as a book!

I’ve kind of mentioned it in passing a few times, and did a mini-announcement on Instagram, but how about I make it official. I Quit Sugar is growing up into a “real” book. With pages. It all happened quite fast and as with so many things in my life, it’s been shrouded in chaos.

It needed some new recipes. So I created them while I was in Ikaria, Greece.

It needed a cover and some extra shots taken. But I was travelling. And so, the photographer – my beautiful mate Marija – came to me. In Copenhagen.

We made you a little video on our way…


We organised the shoot there, in Denmark, on the fly, and travelled by bike between locations. It was very funny and lucky Marija and I like living this way. The Danes? Not so much. They like plans and lots of warning. That said we got so much love and care.

Thank you to Joekim at Oops hair salon (a seriously good cutter and uses only natural colour techniques), the team at 2pm Model Management who let us use their bit of “alleyway” and Monika the makeup artist who was very much Our Kind of Person.

The book is out in time for Christmas and the wonderful team at PanMacmillan are doing the honours. Stay tuned for more.


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