OK, I’m giving 200 I Quit Sugar Cookbooks away

Last week we ran a little thing where I said I’d donate 20 books to five great charities doing great stuff. I got such a beautiful response, and because I have terrible indecision issues, I had Jo narrow things down to 10 so I could choose five from there. I couldn’t. So, instead I’ll give 20 books to all 10. Issue sorted. Win win.

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The recipients are below. If you’re feeling like giving a little yourself you might want to click on the link and donate a little.

Paying it forward!

  • Ryla. Nominated by Jessica. Jess says: RYLA stands for Rotary Youth Leadership Awards – we as the committee are all young people who want to give back. We have so many uses for your fabulous cookbook from fundraising, thank you’s and prizes for awardees during the seminar.
  • Longford Men’s Shed. Nominated by Ted. Ted says: I am a member of The Longford Men’s Shed in Longford Tasmania and we have a community garden behind the shed with approx 30 raised garden beds all of which have fresh herbs and vegetables growing in them. We also work with the local youth and unemployed with cooking programmes to help them understand how to take care of themselves better. We are holding a home grown home made market in 3 weeks time to raise money for an orphanage in India that one of our members is involved with.
  • West Care Community Services. Nominated by Alex. Alex says: Our charity looks after families and individuals in need of food, emotional support and debt counselling. We feed over 5,0000 people a year. Our passion is to provide good, healthy food and offer our clients alternative ways of eating and cooking their food. Your book would be a great resource for us.
  • Victorian College for the Deaf. Nominated by Nicole. Nicole says: I work at Victorian College for the Deaf. We have a beautiful cafe – ‘Tradeblock Cafe’, which is Not-For-Profit and open two days a week. Tradeblock Cafe is run by the senior students. Each year I see the kids’ confidence grow as they develop a range of important skills. They work tirelessly to produce amazing lunches, gorgeous treats and outstanding coffee. Meals are made with fresh, organic produce which is kindly donated by an awesome local market vendor. It would be fantastic to see a few sugar-free items available on the menu.
  • Friends of Himalayan Children. Nominated by Kylie. Kylie says: Our family supports Friends of Himalayan Children, a locally organised charity providing humanitarian aid to remote rural communities of Nepal. My partner and I took our three children to visit Nepal and had the opportunity to meet the children of the orphanage and the school supported by FHC. We assisted with teaching English and taught first aid (we are both Paramedics). The nutritional status of these children is poor with the majority of children attending school without eating or turning up with a packet of biscuits or a handful of sweets because they are cheaper than a nutritious meal. In January 2013 my 15 year old daughter is returning to the village. She decided that before she goes she would like to raise $1000 to establish a meal programe in the school that will ensure each child receives at least one nutritious meal each day. Your cook books would be a fantastic fund raiser to assits her in improving the nutrition of these beautiful children.
  • Dirt Cheap Yoga. Nominated by Jill. Jill says: I teach yoga for a non-profit call Dirt Cheap Yoga. We provide affordable classes to a larger community that might not otherwise be able to afford it. We’re planning on doing some free wellness events that offer health and nutritional advice…your books would be great to give out.
  • Our Rainbow House. Nominated by Cheryl. Cheryl says: I do volunteer work for a local charity called Our Rainbow House. Our Rainbow House is an Australian registered charity with a focus on the village of Chainda, on the outskirts of Lusaka, Zambia. At present we are raising fund to feed, cloth and educate our Orphans and Vulnerable children. We opened our school earlier this year for around 60 children aged 4 and over, most of whom had never been to school before. We are currently renting the school from the local council and have been very busy fundraising to purchase land/buildings of our own.
  • YWCA NSW . Nominated by Jane. Jane says: The ‘Y’ is a not for profit and runs (amongst many programs) a breakfast program for young children who, for whatever reason, don’t get breakfast in the morning before school. ‘Operating in Sydney Metro and the Shoalhaven region of NSW, our breakfast clubs ensure that disadvantaged children have the opportunity to start every school day with a nutritional breakfast in a safe and nurturing environment in readiness for learning.’ You never know, the book may even inspire some menu changes.
  • San Diego MS Society. Nominated by Shawna. Shawna says: I was recently diagnosed with MS. After much research I decided to change my diet and lifestyle. Quitting sugar has improved my health. I am currently not taking medication but thriving by eating healthy living food. I tell everyone I meet what a difference living sugar free makes in my life. Having a book to share would encourage other MS suffers to adopt this wonderful lifestyle. I hope that you will share your book so that I can share it with others!
  • MINDD Foundation. Nominated by Kris. Kris says: I am a Chapter leader for the MINDD Foundation which is dedicated to raising awareness of integrated healthcare for kids with autism, asthma, allergies, chronic diseases etc. They run purely on donations and volunteers and every two years hold an international forum with many doctors from the US coming to train practitioners and parents. They advocate clean food, clean air, clean environments, clean water as the basis of recovering our kids. I have your book and I love it, and would love to raffle them off to give some funds to this most deserving foundation.


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