I’d hate to plan your funeral

How do you make a man drink? As in, how does a woman convince a bloke of something that she cares about? You can lead him to the water, but getting him to imbibe is another matter. Which is a weird way to introduce a new TAC (Transport Accident Commission) campaign geared at getting women to tell the men in their lives to slow down.

The TAC have paid for an advertisement on my site. I said I would be happy to help spread their message in support because I feel it’s a worthy one. For more information on my advertising and sponosored features philosophy click here.


It’s a good issue for us to be thinking about at this time of year when we’re all hopping in cars with the blokes in our lives, in a rush to get somewhere. The facts are these:

  • Male drivers aged 21-26 are 50% more likely to be involved in a car crash due to speeding.
  • Women can be a positive influence on male driving behaviour. If they can get through to them.

The TAC campaign is quite clever – it’s about getting women to talk to men about speeding by using social media, specifically Pinterest. The message is this:

“I’d hate to plan your funeral”

Are you on Pinterest? Here’s the link to their Pinterest board. Have a play and if you want to jump in on the conversation on Twitter, use the hashtag “#slowdown”.

But back to leading horses to water. How DO we get blokes on board? How DO we influence male driving? In my days at Cosmopolitan, I was often called upon to find ways to get through to men (mostly to get them to take out the rubbish or to deliver better foreplay). Having a stack of brothers and male friends over the years, these are some of the things I think work when trying to get an idea past a guy:

  • Don’t nag. Just don’t get to that point of frustration.
  • How? Present an idea as though it’s his own.
  • Or present it firmly. Plant the request/idea as categorical. Don’t plead, implore. Just plant. And walk away. Leave him with it. “I don’t want to plan your funeral.” Bam. Done. Idea planted.
  • Opt to address things away from the moment. Suggest extra time can be allowed for a trip home for Christmas…a good day before you leave. Hell, make it appealing. “Let’s stop for lunch at that pub you love on the way; I’ll leave work by 2 to pack the car.”
  • Phrase in the positive: Remind him how much he matters to you….and that you don’t want to be planning his funeral.

The points I’ve raised above might get some of you arked up. Do you agree, or do you have other tactics? As a bloke, what say you?


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