Merry Christmas my friends!

Just a little note. To say Merry Christmas to you all. And to share some thoughts that bubbled forth while I was driving from Sydney to Canberra yesterday, through two massive hail storms and with temperatures bouncing from 37C to 14C and everywhere in between. It was Big Stuff. I watched as lightening struck and, then, ten minutes later, fires bloomed along the horizon.

Screen Shot 2012 12 24 at 9.19.04 AM Merry Christmas my friends!
Image by Sarah Illenberger

And this is what I think about Christmas. It’s a very emotionally charged time of year. You’ve probably heard about Emoto’s experiments with water that show how our emotions can affect water molecules (bad human moods destroy the structure, good ones make them as perfectly pretty as snowflakes).

Well, let’s have a think about what happens when A LOT – LIKE BILLIONS – of humans around the world charge up their emotions on the same day? That’s a lot of energy buzzing about, shifting water molecules around the planet. Creating spot fires. Tears. Bigness.

Christmas is a whole heap of build up. The period becomes highly charged. Loaded. All that heightened expectation, yearning, need for connection, loneliness, sadness, reminders of past hurt and love…it’s heavy stuff.

I feel it. Every year I find myself crying at Christmas. Not from sadness, but from  A LOT OF FRIGGEN EMOTION. It all feels very big. I’m not sure if you’re the same.
It’s a good thing, if you can just acknowledge it with a smile.

Anyway, I raise a glass to you all and wish you a wonderfully EMOTIONAL and BIG festive period and hope you can let the expectation, yearning, reminders and sadness just wash on past. And that you can smile and know we’re all in this together!

PS The team will be mostly offline until January 7, but I might post some musings during the period, if it strikes me.

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