I love food, hate waste: silo by joost

I’ve been doing a bit of a series of posts on eliminating as much food waste as possible. You can catch up here and here. Today I’m sharing an interview I did with Joost Bakker, an anti-waste dynamo who owns the cafe Silo by Joost in Melbourne. I’d read a bit about the guy: he’s built a fire-proof straw bale house made entirely of recycled stuff in the Yarra Valley, and launched a piss-powered pop-up restaurant (yes, powered by urine). I loved the sound of him. In a gorgeous moment of serendipity I ran into him during a photo shoot my mate Marija was doing at her studios of Melbourne’s Top 100, um, Melbourne people for Melbourne Magazine. I went in to his cafe the next day to learn more about how he does his thing and shot this bodgy video. I thought you might find it inspiring…


In the video you can learn about:

* the best way to eat oats….so that they’re actually nutritious and retain their protein and can help depression (it’s all to do with restoring the health of our guts).

* how there’s no need to buy organic oats. They’re naturally pesticide free. There you go!

* another great argument against bottled water: water is a living thing and is best taken when flowing from a tap.

Feel free to share with me any anti-food wastage initiatives you know of…I’m going to keep spreading the good word…

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