The I Quit Sugar Cookbook…in hard copy!

Golly. The day has come. I can finally share the release date of the bricks ‘n’ mortar version of I Quit Sugar: January 24 (give or take). If you find yourself in a bookstore around that time, this is what the cover will look like…

I Quit Sugar The I Quit Sugar hard copy!

What do you reckon? The shot was taken by my top mate Marija in an alleyway in downtown Copenhagen. True story: she actually flew all the way to Denmark to shoot the picture. As you might recall, we spent a day trundling around Copenhagen in a rickshaw, darting from location to location. We did more than 15 shots in more than six locations…a phenomenal feat given we didn’t know the city, the people, the food. We recruited strangers on the street, borrowed gear from cafes and I wore clothing pulled from my 14.5kg backpack….stuff very much on its last legs. I just flicked through the book…I’m wearing about five items of clothing mixed and matched throughout the entire book!

We were so grateful to XX model agency who let us use their alleyway space and to half the population of greater Copenhagen who helped us out in our wild scoot around town.

Below are a few inside pages to check out…a sneak peek. And to answer your questions:

* it will retail for $34.99

* it will be in most bookshops, Big W and department stores

* it’s I Quit Sugar: an 8-Week Program and I Quit Sugar Cookbook roughly combined, with a bunch of new recipes.

* it’s not out in time for Christmas…for a range of reasons. But it’s darned ready for your post-Australia Day detox!

sarah press release nocover The I Quit Sugar hard copy!

Check it out in January! And stay tuned for a few select book signing events in February. Oh, and if you are a bookstore owner, or have an outlet where you’d like to sell the book, post a comment below and I’ll have the fine Pan Macmillan people get in touch.

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