No need to fight over copies!

I know I’ve been banging on about my new book rather a lot over the past few weeks. But, hey, give me a little grace here: it has just become the number 1 selling non-fiction book and the 2nd overall last week in the country.

Photo by Wang-Chien Yang
Photo by Wang-Chien Yang

I’ll keep this one short and sweet. Due to people kinda liking the thing, it keeps selling out. We’re in our fifth print run already, but a stack of you are tweeting and emailing me to say you can’t find it in your ‘hood while supplies get shipped in (I know, I know, they take a few weeks!!).

The good news: I have a stash that’s just arrived, so…

You can buy a copy direct.

Here. Today.And we’ll ship it within 24 hours.

It’s $34.99 and shipping is $7 to anywhere in Australia.

Live overseas?

Another stack of you are contacting me because you live outside of Australia and want a copy (sadly, it’s only sold in Australia at this stage…we’re looking into overseas partnerships right now, though…). We ship worldwide for $17.

Again, click here.

Already pre-ordered and not got it yet?

Your orders are being picked and packed with priority right now so you’ll be among the first to receive a copy.

Thank you for listening. Now, please enjoy your week…



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