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This week I did my third I Quit Sugar book signing – at Dymocks in George Street, where the book is currently sitting at #2. Damn Jodi and her highly digestible fiction!

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I’ve shared a few of the I Quit Sugar media stories recently, but here’s some more. In case you were wondering what to read this weekend!

1. From Marie Claire, “Back to Basics”,  an overview of the Paleo movement and where sugar fits into this. I outline my position, thus:

Author and media commentator Sarah Wilson calls her sugar-free approach to food as “Paleo-ish” – and it’s gaining huge popularity. “Most people intuitively feel we’re on the wrong track with sugar-based eating,” she says. “But we’re exhausted by competing food messages. People just want something that makes sense.”

For Wilson, nothing made better sense than cutting out processed foods and eating more like her grandparents rather than her Stone Age ancestors. It’s not strict and aside from addressing her debilitating autoimmune disease, it freed her from the “blood sugar roller-coaster”.

“I was constantly worried, trying to resist sugar. I used to be resigned to feeling like crap every afternoon. Now, I realise how toxic sugar can be,” she says.

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You can read the full article here.

2. Sophie Miura at Madison magazine, wrote this great rundown. I was pleased to note the nutritionists she consulted were very balanced in their thinking.

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3. From Shape magazine, this “Bye Bye Sugar High”. It’s a straight extract from the book.

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You can read the full article here.

And if you’re still without a copy of the book, you can buy it here. Yes, we do ship internationally!

Happy Friday xx

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