Is your cooking oil making you sick?

My mate David Gillespie has a new book out: Toxic Oil: Why Vegetable Oil Will Kill You and How to Save Yourself. David and I have chatted before (you can find that conversation here) about the central premise of this new book: that “vegetable oils” (or seed oils) are bad and saturated fats are what we should be eating. Which, of course, is the opposite of what we’ve been told by nutritionist and government bodies for the past 60 years or so. Which is, of course, the period in which “modern diseases” such as heart disease, obesity, diabetes, cancer and autoimmune disease have been on the rampant rise. Draw breath.

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But in today’s chat we’re going to keep it to (mostly) practicalities: which oils to eat, which foods to avoid at the supermarket and some smart food swaps to make.

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For those wondering whether to invest the time in our ramble, here’s a taste of what we cover:

* What oils to use for deep frying, for pan frying and for roasting.

* The clever rule of thumb for making sure you’re not oxidising yourself: everything you eat should contain less than 2g of polyunsaturated oil/100g.

* You love chips (crisps)? Guess which brand is the best on the market? And the worst (hint: it’s a “healthy” option brand).

* The deal with breakfast drinks (hint: not pretty!).

* Are olive oil margarines OK? Are spreadable butters OK?

* PLUS the low-down on which bacon, bread and home-bake hot chips to buy.



If you want to do a bit more reading on David’s arguments, check out his Good Weekend read here or this article in The Age.

You can get hold of Toxic Oil via David’s Sweet Poison site.

And check out David’s video snapshot of his new book here.

Got some further questions? Ask below, and David and I will answer them for you this week.

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