Congratulations Caroline, you’ve won a place in the I Quit Sugar 8-Week Program

Last week on my site, I Quit Sugar gave away one place in the I Quit Sugar 8-Week Program starting August 26. My site and the I Quit Sugar Facebook page were flooded with entries, and the IQS team and I have been really touched by everyone’s stories. Thank you to all of you who shared.

There can be but one winner, and so…

Image via Pinterest
Image via Pinterest

…without further ado, congratulations to Caroline Teahan who has won a place in the 8-Week Program.

Caroline shared: I would love to do this program in honour of my Dad, Charlie, who passed away in March. I was 34 weeks pregnant with our 4th child at the time and made a terribly hard decision not to travel back home to Ireland (from Australia) for his funeral. Fortunately, I had made a short trip back on my own in January when we knew his end was near. He suffered from a number of largely preventable diseases including diabetes, gout, kidney issues, thyroid issues and heart disease. I was shocked to see how many tablets he had to take every day. Before I left, Dad promised me that he would keep doing the daily exercises that the physio had assigned him to keep his heart and kidneys functioning. I made out a chart for him to record when he did them. He honoured this commitment which extended his life long enough to enable 2 of my sisters (one lives in the USA and the other in the UK) to each spend a week with him before he suffered a stroke. Whilst sitting in the departure lounge waiting for the return flight back to Oz, I made a promise to live the healthiest way possible and be a good, healthy role model for my children. Now that my youngest daughter is 10 weeks old and sleeping through the nights, I am ready to honour that promise by doing this program. This will be for you Dad. C x

If you’re considering doing the 8-Week Program yourself, you can find out about it here.
And if you’d like to sign up you can do so here.

See you on the flip side, Caroline!



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