Anxiety: fight it or ride with it?

Every few months or so I get stuck. I get wobbly or, as was the case this time, I get so thoroughly sick of myself I can’t move forward without offloading some of the spinning thoughts somewhere. In the absence of a pillow talk companion, and to save my friends the tedium of discussing my ground-hog day dramas, I call on Kristine, a psychic I’ve known for years now. She’s not a purple-haired, woo-woo type. Her feet are firmly planted.

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I’m happy to share a little of what she covered with me. It’s great insight in these busy, non-present times. She Skype-messaged me afterwards with these words I share below.

The theme of our chat was my confronting my fear (of relaxing more and caring a little less and getting in touch with what nourishes me during a time that sees me caught up in the outside world so much). I keep going to the ledge, but backing away again. Over and over. I’m ready to jump, to connect with myself and to become a more care-free person, then I baulk because it’s so…. alien. I’ve lived so many decades in the “external” that I’m uncomfortable with the idea of sitting at ease with myself. Kristine reminded me:

“When one is really ready to approach their fear, it does require real commitment. It will require the commitment to truly act and not “react”.” You know, to actually go in deep and think about where I want to head next.

She then reiterated that we’re ready when we don’t have a choice. When the discomfort is more painful than the pain of confronting the fear, we have no choice but to jump. Anything is better than the discomfort!

So how do we get to this point? Well, by simply sitting in it. And embracing the discomfort. Not fleeing from it or fighting it. Saying “yes” to the discomfort, not having judgement, and “loving the stress” and anxiety, even if it’s extremely painful. The discomfort can build and build…taking us to the brink.

At the same time it also keeps us present – we’re not “running away” and “holding on”. For it is this holding on that causes the dis-ease.

“It is from this release of holding on, that you will go to another level.”

Indeed, it’s this saying “yes”, and not running away, and this releasing in the very midst of the discomfort and anxiety, that brings us home to ourselves. Have you ever noticed how focused and internal and even self-nourishing you become when you’re forced to sit in discomfort? One example is being trapped in a car when you’re super car sick. Or having to keep vertical in an elevator when you’re so unwell you might faint.

“Let go of the judgement and your body can regain energy and stay connected even within the fast pace of your current life and even within the stresses that arise.”

“Start saying to yourself every time stress arises, ‘Stress is arising, Yes! I accept this and all of who I am.’  Even if your emotions are running rampant, just allow it all, no judgement.

“The inclusion rather than the exclusion is the healing…”

And accepting this, living this, certainly takes commitment.

How cool are you with sitting with discomfort?  How much commitment has it taken?



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