how to develop your blog voice

I was recently contacted by Srinivas Rao of BlogcastFM to do a podcast with him. His very popular site gets hundreds of thousands of downloads a month, and previous guests include Seth Godin, Tim Ferris, Danielle Laporte and Chris Guillebeau. I got some really lovely feedback on some of the topics I covered and thought some of you might find it helpful too.

Image via The Roman Holiday
Image via The Roman Holiday

If you need to be inspired to listen in full, here’s some of the things I cover off in the podcast:

  • the foundations of traditional journalism
  • the lessons we can leverage from traditional media
  • the power of including your personal story in your content
  • why the message is more important than the medium
  • key’s to studying another writer’s style
  • why journalists are starting to become brands
  • my early start in selling ebooks
  • developing a message and a voice that’s authoritative

Tune in below. Just click on the little “play” button. (The podcast runs for an hour.)


Out of interest, do you guys like podcasts? Me, personally, I’m too impatient to listen to them, but Jo keeps insisting they are rather popular on the interwebs… Any questions you’ve got from the podcast, post them here. 

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