Assume the head massage will last forever

Do you know that feeling when you’re at the hairdresser where you’re getting the head massage at the basin and you Just Can’t Relax because you fear said massage is going to end any minute?  And then you berate yourself for not enjoying the one bit of niceness in your entire week?

My surf-encrusted summer hair all tidied up! Thanks Maria
My very dedicated hairdresser Maria at Ardino in Paddington, NSW. And me post head massage. Which did in fact end. But not before I enjoyed it.

Yeah, that.

Well, I was at my hairdresser last week getting my greys covered up and I braced myself for this moment in heart-sinky self-sabotaging. As the conditioner was applied and the fingers sank in I steered my mind to the assumption that it was a massage that was going to go on and on and not end abruptly.

Two things:

  • Having deleted a time frame from the equation, I could focus instead on the massage. I got into the moment. Time frames ruin things.
  • This assumption created a vibe (an “air”) of abundance. And it’s amazing how, when you create an “air” about you, things flow from there. In this case, the massage did in fact go on and on. Or at least that was how it felt. And isn’t that what counts?

Assuming an air of abundance ain’t a bad way to set out each day, with every activity. I’m not a “manifest-y, roll around with a dolphin under a rainbow in your little puddle of abundance…with a pet unicorn” preacher. But I do know that like attracts like (on a quantum level and beyond) and that it certainly doesn’t hurt to assume the best. Indeed, the worst that can happen is that the massage does end prematurely. But a bit of disappointment is better than tense anticipation, right?

Extrapolate this out further: dealing with failure or f*ck ups or let-downs after the event is more manageable than forever trying to narrow your expectations. As humans we are better at fixing things than restricting ourselves. Right?

Expand! Risk! Arrogantly assume abundance! And apply such an approach to Thai massages, telling your partner you love them, making a first move, telling a stranger they’re handsome, saying yes to a crazy idea. For, as I say often, we only have 80-odd years on this planet.

Does this resonate?

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