I need your help with I Quit Sugar in America!

I start by apologising: I’m about to ask a favour. I don’t normally do this kind of thing and I’ll try not to make a habit of it. But I would love your help on this occasion.

This is the cover of the US edition of I Quit Sugar. Same-same-but-pleasantly-different.
This is the cover of the US edition of I Quit Sugar. Same-same-but-pleasantly-different.

In two weeks I Quit Sugar comes out in America. In fact, I write this post as I await my flight to Seattle (I then head to Calgary and then New York). But the way things in US Bookland work is this: if a stack of people pre-order the book – buy it before its release on April 8 – then it has fighting chance of becoming a “bestseller” and then (as a result) being stocked across the whole of America. Which is my aim. To get the book to everyone who wants or needs it. No force feeding, of course. Just available as an invitation.

So, to keep it simple (oh, I feel awkward asking – sorry!): I’d truly love it if any of you interested in buying the book could do so via pre-order. Like, today. So…

If you are a US or Canadian reader

* Click here to pre-order the book now.

* You will receive a free mini sugar-free cocktail cookbook. You’ll be able to download it straight after pre-ordering, so you can get playing right away. Click here to learn more.

* Of course you can wait until the book appears in stores April 8. But a pre-order will help me out a stack. You pay the same price for the pre-order, get something for free, plus you’ll get the book ahead of everyone else. No downside.

If you’re Australian…

* I’d love you to share this message with your American mates – alert them to my fumbly favor.

* For your troubles, I’m giving away a few thank you prizes: a Tefal Soup & Co (valued at $299) which blends smoothies and soups at the touch of a button (you can see how to use such a thing here), and a Brilliant Best Trio beauty pack from Ere Perez (valued at $80.99). This offer isavailable to Australian residents only.

* Simply share this message with your friends on social media thus:

I’ve listed a few easy shares below if you want to just copy and paste or tweak with your own vibe (not that I want to tell you how to suck eggs…I’m just trying to make it easier for you)…

For Facebook: Sarah Wilson’s I Quit Sugar book is available for pre-order in the US! Pre-order before April 8 and get a free IQS cocktail cookbook. #IQSinAmerica http://www.iquitsugar.com/book/i-quit-sugar-print-book-us/

For Facebook: I love my copy of I Quit Sugar, and it’s coming to the US! Pre-order before April 8 and get a free IQS cocktail cookbook to get playing with while you wait! #IQSinAmerica http://www.iquitsugar.com/book/i-quit-sugar-print-book-us/

For Twitter: Pre-order I Quit Sugar in the US today and get a FREE cocktail cookbook! #IQSinAmerica http://www.iquitsugar.com/book/i-quit-sugar-print-book-us/

For Twitter: I’m so glad the IQS message is heading to the US! Pre-order I Quit Sugar here before April 8. #IQSinAmerica http://www.iquitsugar.com/book/i-quit-sugar-print-book-us/

Anyway. Sorry, again. Thank you massively for your support in advance. And let’s bring on this sugar-free revolution!!!!

For anyone wanting to follow my US tour, I’ll be sharing on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter and will do some pop up meet-ups around the place. If you’re in Seattle I’ll be at Taste Washington this weekend (I’m ringing the Pike Place market bell Saturday morning!) and doing a Q and A with Aran Garagoya from Canelle et Vanille at The Book Larder on Monday evening…you can get tickets here

Chat soon. I’m off…xx

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