Hey, a Wool and The Gang knitting kit…give it a purl!

When I was a kid and complained to Mum I was borrrrred it would elicit precisely one of two responses.

  1. “I’ve got something you can do – here’s a basket of nappies you can hang out.”
  2. “Sarah, you need a hobby”.

Poor Mum was always on my case to do things with my time that didn’t have a point and weren’t achievement-orientated. To sit still. To stop dreaming up ambitious business projects and taking on more head-y obsessions (like analysing Jim Morrison poetry when I was 14).

As I’ve aged I’ve developed a deep respect for people with real hobbies. And have started to experiment with the idea myself.

Project 1: a snood.
Project 1: a snood.

So, at 40, I’ve taken up knitting. Admittedly it was ahead of a trip to visit my parents who are at an age where they repeat stories. I figured knitting was a way to have something to do while I suffuse my explosive impatience during these kitchen-side chats.

Anyway, I went about it by buying in a few kits from Wool and The Gang.

I like them. This is why.

  • Wool and The Gang are sustainable and ethical. Their cotton yarn is pesticide-free, for instance, and the business is geared at supporting Peruvian communities (their wool is from Peru; also see The Crew details below).
  • They repurpose T-shirt off-cuts from factories, tearing them up to become their Jersey Be Good yarn. I’m about to embark on my next project – a clutch made of this Be Good stuff.
The “Hold Tight” Jersey Be Good clutch
  • You can opt to get someone from The Crew to knit the thing for you (if you ain’t a knitter). The “Crew” are Andean villagers. Grouse idea.
  • Everything arrives in one hit – needles, pattern, wool, bits.
  • The patterns are actually cool. And chunky. No creepy models sporting skivvies and ugly vests sitting on hay bales. Some are guest-designed by my mate Tara Stiles. Here’s some of the pretty patterns.

Feel free to share your favourite knitting kit connections with My Crew in the comments below. Oh, and FYI:

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