How to look even hotter on a bike

Spring has sprung Down Under. Time to really think about taking up bike riding, yeah? Each year I like to agitate you all to get on your wheels. I try all kind of tacks. This time, I’m posting this fetching image (below) and sharing some inspiring cycling Spring outfits. I’m appealing to our collective sense of vanity here. Be under no illusions!

Image via Tumblr
Image via Tumblr

(Other motivational tacks have included: Why you look hotter on a bike, why I Ride to smell the roses, this controversial post on Why I don’t wear a helmet and perhaps confusingly, A guide to hot helmets!)

I saw this recently: a handy skirt garter clip. Just slip it on, position it above your knee and clip to your hem for a secure hold. Image via Bird Industries
If you’re wearing a slightly longer skirt or dress, “the knot” is the way to go. Just gather the fabric of your garment and tie a loose knot that will keep the extra fabric from getting caught in your spokes or blowing in a breeze. Image via The Sartorialist
Wondering what to do with your hair when you head out the door? If you’re leaving your hair down, you might find a turban handy. This is a super simple way to keep your hair out of your face and it looks great as a standalone accessory. Image via Aiden Modern Vintage
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Heels are not always ideal to cycle in, but sometimes neither is cycling in a pair of runners with another pair of shoes in your bag. So to simplify, I often ride in wedges.
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Option 2: rad sneaks

The fun bits at the bottom:

1. This Kickstarter-funded recoiling mudguard is a perfect solution to the common problem of muddy street water splashing up when you ride your bike.

2. Here’s a handy video from Fast Coexist that lets you preview your ride

3. Ride to smell the roses.

4. Imagine if all our bikes folded down like this
5. Even Prince Charles thinks cycling’s pretty good!

What about you? What stylish tips or wardrobe staples do you have when it comes to heading out on your bike?





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