How to use your coffee-pod machine without the eco guilt

A few weeks ago I wrote about mindful coffee consumption. I bleated on about the massive issue of waste from plastic coffee pods – the chemical-leeching, the landfill issues and so on.

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But I understand plenty of you have these pod-reliant coffee machines, including some of my best mates who promptly called to ask what they should to remedy their freshly discovered dirty footprint (for those close to me, I’m annoying like that!).  I certainly don’t suggest tossing the hardware. That’s not the solution.

So I looked into things a little more and came upon a crew that make environmentally sound coffee pods. Eco Caffe capsules are made from vegetable fibre and starch, which means the entire capsule (and all the wrapping!) biodegrades within six months.  Eco Caffe decided they’d like to advertise their product on I Quit Sugar, where you can get more details. But I figured some of you who’d read my initial post might appreciate a soft carbon solution to your morning coffee fix.

This is not a sponsored post, however the I Quit Sugar post is. To read about my policies on sponsored posts, feel free to hop over here.

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