Your favourite posts of 2014

Hanging at Mum and Dad’s listening to Mitch Miller carols on the turntables? Sitting through Frozen with the kids….again? You might like a bit of distracted reading. Here’s the countdown. Ten posts that floated boats in this wonderful community throughout the year. Can you guess which was number 1, according to the whizzy Google algorithms?

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And while I have you, thank you to every one of you for being part of this community this year. It’s been a big, bodacious, fast one. And your comments and interaction has been so heartening and life purpose-creating for me.

See you in 2015….

10.  300 “typical” thyroid symptoms (yep, that many!)
A super comprehensive, whole-body list of symptoms associated with having a dodgy thyroid.

9. Why introverts just can’t handle you… sometimes

8. Fermented turmeric tonic recipe

7.  Could female self hatred be the real cause of AI

6. A Comforting note to single people. From me

5. “I had to put on weight. This is how I coped”
I asked my friend Kate to share her story about how she went from hating her ‘perfect body’, through weight gain, to loving her ‘curvy, healthy and feminine’ body.

4. How to make (almost sugar free) fermented kombucha
Are you on the kombucha train yet? This is a great recipe for those of you that like to DIY.

3. My daily health routine… since you asked for it

2. My Paleo inside-out bread recipe

1. Does Quitting Sugar Heal AI?
How quitting sugar helped control my auto-immune disease, and why I think it will help control yours.

Did you have a favourite post this year and did it make it to this list? What would you like to read more about next year?

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