I’m taking requests…hit me up. 

While I’m out of here, would you mind telling me what you want from this site in my “new year” (when I get back). This is not an idle call out that’s secretly geared at “including the community” and “crowd sourcing”. I actually need some interesting insights to come home to.

agiftwrappedlife dot tumblr dot com I'm taking requests...hit me up. 
Image by Steve McCurry

1. What bits of the site are plain dumb and boring?

2. What bits do you want more of?

3. Do you like short or long reads here?

4. Do you like it when I interview other people?

5. Book reviews? Or recommendations?

6. Does the nutrition stuff get on your nerves?

7. In what order – gut health, anxiety insights, general tips and hacks for ebbing toward a better life?

8. Have you checked out my Travel Guides or Wellness Guide? Do you want more of these?

Bang out anything on your mind. Link me to sites that have a visual or emotional vibe you like. Tell me stuff you’ve wanted to raise where I go wrong here (but have been feeling like unsolicited feedback might be too rude).
To be transparent – I’m going to overhaul this kooky conglomeration of clumsily integrated add-ons and clunky pages and messy categories when I get back and I’m open to suggestions. You’re all part of this.
Thank you in advance!
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