My complete home fermentation guide, part one

Addicted to the thrill of fermenting projects filling up your kitchen? Today, I present you with everything you need to know about home fermentation. How-to guides, tips and tricks and fermenting recipes a-plenty.

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1. To start you off. I’ve covered off the pros and cons on which fermenting starter is better, salt or whey?

2. Don’t have any whey lying around? Here’s my recipe for homemade (gut-friendly) cream cheese. It has one ingredient and makes two invaluable products. Cream cheese and whey.

IMG 0339 My complete home fermentation guide, part one
A bowl of veggie ferments…in the sunshine

3. How to ferment your vegetables. I’ve been playing around with ferments for a while now, making sauerkraut, pickled daikon, and the most lush beetroot relish. I eat a tablespoon or two with as many meals as I can and I’ve noticed a tangible benefit with my digestion. Here, my handy guide on how to ferment vegetables.

rsz goldrush4 My complete home fermentation guide, part one
Turmeric – a true “superfood”

4. How to ferment your turmeric. A study in the International Journal of Food Science and Technology found the bioavailability of curcumin increased when it was fermented. So, a few ridiculously simple ways to ferment your turmeric.

efd8ff3041667028ffc67d2327d41325 My complete home fermentation guide, part one
Fermented daikon on the left there. On the right, my fermented sauerkraut.

5. Here’s a recipe for fermented daikon. This fermented daikon recipe is an easy one to kick off with if you’re wanting to give fermenting a try. It has a bunch of bonuses: it uses an unsexy (and cheap) vegetable, it’s super simple to make (it doesn’t require too much pounding; other veggies can require a lot!), is pretty foolproof and is super tangy.

Screen Shot 2014 02 03 at 1.21.55 PM My complete home fermentation guide, part one
Sauerkraut, sprouted mung beans and kombucha SCOBYs

6. Need help? Here’s a little list of great witchy ideas we can all enjoy. Check out these handy fermenting tips and tricks if you’re stuck or need some mouldy inspiration!

What’s your favourite fermentation project?  Please share any wisdom you have gained in the comments below! 

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