How to (really) detox your home

If you’ve been following this blog for a while you’ll know I’m rather committed to keeping my home ecologically and ergonomically minimal and sustainable. I’m also into lowering the toxic load where possible.

chris korbey How to (really) detox your home
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Perhaps it all started when I was told I had to move out of my apartment. I wrote about it on the blog here: The scary reason I have to move out of my apartment. And so, I began the process of detoxing my home. I still have a way to go.

First up

Own less. Go to the shops less. Buy less. Consume less. Recycle less (recycling should be a last resort). Less furniture. Less gadgets. Use up what you have first. Improvise. Make do. Use the same thing for two purposes. Need less. Here’s how I do it. Here’s what I don’t own.

Five small hazards to avoid. Building biologist Nicole Bijlsma shares a few of her favourite tips for cleaning up your home. I asked her to share easy, everyday stuff – five simple, inexpensive swaps or choices to make.

In the kitchen

The basics.  The idea of tossing stuff out that still works, even if it’s not the ideal choice….I find abhorrent. The impact on the planet, our health and our conscience of tossing, faaaaaar outweighs any benefits gleaned from a cleaner, new option. The whole process of detoxing your kitchen is about weighing up different factors: ethical, environmental, health and financial. There is no easy answer…it’s about being conscious and caring! 

Start replacing things (as they get old or unusable) with better, cleaner, greener options. Gradual, conscious change…it’s the way to go.

Ovens. Find out which cooktops are better for you.

Fry pans. Non-stick pans are coated in Teflon, which is what makes them slippery. Oh, how I’ve loved Teflon in the past! Problem is that a chemical that’s released when you heat up Teflon is leaching into everyone’s blood stream and is making us sick – cancer, birth defects, hormone disruption and high cholesterol (ironically, given non-stick saves on cooking oils) are the oft-cited effects. So, here’s my guide to what fry pans we should be using. 

Cleaning products. Here’s 13 ways for cleaning up your cleaning products… for toxicity and environmental purposes. And here’s what to look for in your cleaning products, too.

Water filters. Bear in mind flouride is terrible for anyone with thyroid issues. Here’s some tips on how to buy a water filter (and why you should).

How to buy sustainable and toxin-free for your home

How to buy the most sustainable sofa, ever. It took me 40 years to buy a sofa. Which, it so happens, is 32 years longer than it took Steve Jobs.  

Earthing mats. What are they and do we really need them? This post is all about earthing mats.

Why I chose a latex mattress. I struggle with sleep. It’s elusive stuff. It’s largely related to my auto-immune disease (although sometimes I wonder what comes first…). I’ve written about my insomnia before and I’ve shared a bunch of invaluable sleep solutions, too. But at some point I had to look at my bed. I researched my options for several months and the Big Fat Conclusion I arrived at was… a latex mattress is best.

What area of your home do you struggle with detoxing? What else would you like to see covered off on this topic?

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