Buy my soup in a jar. Help the homeless (my new project!)

I have recently hooked up with the The Inside Out Organic Soup Kitchen charity. A little while back I gave away artwork to raise money for one of their projects teaching disadvantaged young mums how to cook. Now, we’ve joined forces to provide you with some of my soup. As well as the homeless folk in my community.

Two Good Soup, Kung Flu-Fighting Chicken style!
Two Good Soup, Kung Flu-Fighting Chicken style!

Here’s how it works:

* You place an order for one of their organic Two Good Soup online (sadly, this service is only available to those in the Sydney metropolitan area).

* You choose from a range of different soups for each order. At the moment, one of those is my Kung Flu-Fighting Chicken Soup from my One-Pot Wonders Cookbook.

* Better still, you place an order for your work crew. Orders will be delivered to your door. And for each soup purchased, one goes to a person in need. Plus you’ll get a photo of where your soup delivery ends up and a shout out.

* You pay just $10 for a big jar of the stuff.

This simple act ALSO buys a soup for someone without a home or living in a domestic violence shelter. Yep, a two-for-one deal. 

Here I am with IOOSK founder Rob Caslick holding a jar of the IQS Kung-Flu Fighting Soup, now on the menu!
Here I am with IOOSK founder Rob Caslick holding a jar of the IQS Kung Flu-Fighting Soup, now on the menu!

* Soup orders are taken weekly by Friday COB for a Tuesday morning delivery.

* There’s also the option to make donations of other values, too.

My Kung Flu-Fighting Chicken Soup
My Kung Flu-Fighting Chicken Soup

Some other stuff to know:

* The Two Good Soup kitchen is run by women living in safe houses, providing them with a safe employment opportunity.

* Some of the ingredients are sourced from the rooftop garden above the kitchen, which founder Rob Caslick set up. It’s run by a team of volunteers who tend to it regularly.

* Rob says: “In order to keep the soup kitchen running we need to sell around 1000 soups a week. More soup sold means more of Sydney’s people in need get to eat and more women can be employed in the kitchen. There’s the potential to be catering for 30 safe houses in Sydney.”

If you want connect with the guys from IOOSK on social media you can do so on Instagram and Facebook

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