Excitedly seeking web designer!

Hello. The look of this site is, well, tired. And I’m doing a call out to you all to see if you have ideas for a design overhaul.

Are you a clever web designer with ideas who’d like to come into the office and work with me on this project?

Photo by emmakateco.com
Photo by emmakateco.com

I always like to put these offers out to people in my community first (if you’re a regular reader of my blog you may have noticed this on various projects over the past five years).

This is the deal:

  • You’d be free to work 2-3 weeks some time in September.
  • You’d be paid.
  • You’d be working on site at my office in Surry Hills, Sydney.
  • You’d be customising a WordPress template, bringing in additional sprinkles of pizazz.
  • The redesign gist is to reflect the following vibe of my new direction: minimalist and pared back but still warm, elegant but not cold, simple but still fun, fresh and innovative but totally user-friendly.

The more formal requirements: 

  • Strong graphic design skills and demonstrated experience designing for websites and web builds.

I’ll be prioritising folk with at least 3+ years experience designing for the web, preferably in a production company environment.

  • An understanding of the SarahWilson.com content.
  • An understanding of the technical possibilities and limits of digital design and development.
  • Experience and appreciation of usability and interaction design, industry trends and development.
  • Experience in responsive and ‘mobile first’ design.
  • You’re cool discussing and explaining solutions with non-technical staff.

What we’ll need from you:

Once you’ve checked you meet all the requirements, please email [email protected] with your application.

Please ensure your application includes:

  • A one-page CV highlighting experience relating to this type of project.
  • Three examples of websites you’ve designed that you feel might reflect what I outline for the new-and-improved sarahwilson.com (see above).
  • Your availability over the next 2-3 months.
  • If you’ve got a template in mind that reflects the vibe I outline above, please feel free to include that in your submission, too. This will no doubt impress me.

Thanks and keenness in advance.


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