Please meet my biggest, best book yet: Simplicious

Simplicious hits bookstores today. No drum rolls please. I’m just pleased as punch that it’s here. It was two years of work. It’s 306 recipes. And I’ve taken a gamble here…it’s about how to eat your scraps. This book is my career highlight, my passion project, my obsession.

An assortment of my mish mash meals…using up leftovers is a big theme in Simplicious

Sustainability has always been at the guts of my books, albeit camouflaged behind pretty recipes and shiny, smiley pictures of myself. My recipes use leftovers and secondary cuts of meat and I’ve used my sugar-free platform to promote doggie bags and, um, cauliflower, to the masses.

But Simplicious gets bolder.

* It elevates leftovers and sustainability to centre stage. Every single recipe is designed to cut wastage (food, time, effort, pans, palaver). In fact, even the scraps from the photography shoots were repurposed…into soup, pestos and staff lunches. Event the leftovers from these soups, pestos and lunches were repurposed…into the dress I wear on the inside cover!

No food was wasted in the making of this book!

* I set out to be 100 per cent authentic and transparent. I did the whole project. Even the illustration and graffiti, which I use to have chats with all you guys throughout the book (you’ll see what I mean when you get hold of a copy!)

(And herewith a LOUD BUY NOW prompt…I’m sorry!)…


* Simplicious is about keeping it all bloody simple. Simple + delicious = Simplicious. I cheat, I eliminate steps and pots (50 per cent of recipes are one pot/pan only) and I show you how to keep things elegantly dumbed down. No Masterchef croquembouches

Bacon and egg porridge
My Simplicious Bacon and Egg Porridge

* Here’s some other bits about the book:

  • IT’S FAT!! Yep, 3.5cm fat. Twice the size of my previous books. There’s 306 recipes.
  • I let you perve into my kitchen to see my equipment, inside my fridge, inside my freezer and ALL THE TOTALLY NERDY STUFF I DO to save effort and energy and the planet.
  • I have recipes all about making a meal out of your doggie-bagged dinner from the night before. Yep, tear me down for that one!
  • Why slow-cooking is the most sustainable, economical and nutritious way to eat…with stacks of really cool recipes (Beer Bangers and Mash, boys?).
  • How to make dinner for $1.70 a head.
  • Cheat ways to make kombucha, kimchee and other fashionable stuff.

Simplicious-3DMostly, my aim is to get us all cooking again. I want us all to be better… and better humans for the planet. As I kick off on the “thank you” page:

“Each of us is responsible for everything and to every human being” Dostoyevsky


If you’re curious, get your copy of Simplicious online or head to your nearest book store. Thanks for hearing me out and hopefully joining me in my passion project!!

Sarah xx


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