I’ve seen my future and (I hope) it looks like Leo

Lately I’ve been reassessing what matters to me. Like really looking at things fully, and prepared to “put a bomb” under things. This happens for me every few years.

Jo sent me this video, randomly. And it arrived with impeccable timing.


I’ve no idea who Leo is but what about these synchronicities (here’s my theory on synchronicity).

Leo wears the one pair of green shorts. Me too. (Although he has seven pairs; I have one.)

Leo wears the same outfit every single day. I almost do. (I’m back to living out of one suitcase again). 

Leo loves walking all day every day. Me too.

Leo wears an eye patch. I did for 18 months when I was 12.

Leo believes in the power of Vitamin D. Me too.

Leo talks to strangers. I’m renowned for this too.

Leo believes life is a miracle. I do too.

Leo lives freely and from his principles. I want to, too. Watch this space for some fun explosions.

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