Bung thyroid? Here’s what Louise Hay said it’s about…

Some time back I met with Louise Hay and she shared a whole heap of advice on various life issues. At the end of the interview she noted I had a thyroid issue. I’m not sure if she guessed it or I’d mentioned it. I shared what she had to say about it at the time, but it kind of got buried among the rest of her pearls. So I’ve dragged it out again, to give it a good airing.

Thyroid issues Sarah Wilson
Image by Beata Wilczek via Flickr

Here’s what she said:

Thyroid problems are all about creativity being blocked. 

She then explained that many women feel torn by the pressure to be all things. And their creative self gets blocked. They stop expressing themselves.

I’m not wholly sure how I feel about such insta-diagnosing. That said, Louise’s linking of disease to emotional issues spawned the movement and her work is respected around the world, albeit in select communities. But my personal observation of both myself and those I meet with thyroid disease is that we are particularly earnest. I always ask at my public talks, Who has Hashimoto’s, raise your hands? Invariably it’s about one-quarter of the room (I attract Hashi types) and they’re all sitting at the front…earnest, eager, trying so hard.

Me, I can feel this pressure at my throat. I always have. I’ve known my own earnestness is linked to my thyroid issues. When I push hard, it plays up.

Louise held my hand as we discussed this. She felt that once I learned to back the fuck off (my words), my thyroid will heal on its own. This, I believe. In the meantime, she proffered this:

 “Look in the mirror and ask (your sick thyroid), ‘How can I love you back to life’?” I did this at the time. I’m doing it now. I know the answer…

What do you think about Louise’s theory?

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