Let’s go about this slowly (I’ll tell you why)

Poet Mary Oliver does it for me. Have you read any of her work? She places her observations of the heart so delicately that the words disappear and a wistful truth remains.

Take it slowly Sarah Wilson
Image via blog.uncommongoods.com

Here’s something from her recent compilation Felicity: Poems that makes me glad:

I did think, let’s go about this slowly.

This is important. This should take

some really deep thought. We should take

small thoughtful steps.

But, bless us, we didn’t.

I take it to be about relationships. But it could be about work decisions, or anything that elicits spark in the heart.

Wariness and hesitation can kill love. At some point we have to dive in, and abandon thought. And when we do this we have to smile at ourselves for surrendering. Brave little things that we are.

Can you relate?

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