There’s this excellent thing happening to young boys…

Lately, I’ve had a stack of correspondence from young men. When I say young, I mean pre- and early-teen. It makes my day every time. Not least because I know what it takes for a boy to approach an old battleaxe like me. I’d be petrified!

“Here’s some of my favourite pics of my ‘sugar free’ family! Hope you enjoy them!” Jack, 11.

There’s been Jacob Towers who travelled with his Mum to meet me in London a few months back. He made me a bookmark. There’s been Ryan, or “Worm”, 9,  who made me a green loom band “to go with your green shorts”.

My note, from Ryan ("Worm")

I recently worked out 12 per cent of my Facebook audience are young men aged 13-34. And in the 13-17-year-old bracket, there are double the number of boys to girls following. And that’s Facebook. Which doesn’t strike me as the most popular hang for boys. Or am I wrong?

Most recently, Jack contacted me on Instagram:

Jack is 11. @Jackal_15 on Instagram. I wrote back to him and asked him to email me. Jack then kindly shared pics of his sugar-free family. The kid’s a legend. What a rippa big brother. A stand-out son.

I have a soft spot for young men. A line I hope is never pulled out of context.

Jack’s mum and dad.

I’ve witnessed how the current generation has shifted massively from the kinds of boys that were my peers as a kid.

“Mum said that’s all good (to share pics of the family)”

They are confidently sensitive, seemingly happier in their “boy” skin and better communicators (albeit while still grunting).

image5 e1457565267532 There's this excellent thing happening to young boys...
Jack also sent this snap: Some of (well the remaining of) Mum’s homemade LCM bars! (Recipe is in I Quit Sugar For Life.)
I think we can all have a lot of hope. You noticed the same?
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